A little bit of background...



ˈalkəmē / noun


a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

To some degree, we are all alchemists. Creating, transforming, and evolving through our trials, tribulations and experiences. As an alchemist, I have moved seamlessly from working in social justice to fashion, then to media and beauty, and finally for some time in luxury lifestyle. I was able to transmute each skill from each job to create opportunities, but I had not yet mastered creating my own sense of inner peace.

Though I had always considered myself spiritual, I had not made it an active practice of my daily life. When I left my last job I was so sick and stressed from devoting all of my energy to work that did not serve my highest good. I returned home to take care of my father and committed to an active practice of meditation, ceremony, and study of the esoteric arts. My mother carefully instructed me in the crafts that have been practiced in my lineage for generations. No one was more surprised then myself when I intuited card readings and moved through my Reiki attunements as if I had been doing them my whole life.

The alchemy of creating such varied opportunities had shown me that spiritual practice was my true gift. It is a gift that in my vulnerability I feel called to give to people, because in helping others I am reminded that I am doing exactly what I was put here to do. I created a sense of deep peace and fulfillment with each area of study, and I now use alchemy to create that space for those who are called. With a basis in co-creation, my work is reliant on the positive impact it has on my clients. I create space for M A G I C and act as a guide in your own Self-knowing. Thank you for trusting me in that process, what a gift you have given me with the opportunity to read, heal, or intuit for you.