Archetype Alchemy

Based on the acclaimed work of Carl Jung and Caroline Myss, Archetype Alchemy is the sacred process of unearthing your divine purpose. Recognize the difference between experiencing life on only a physical plane as opposed to an interconnected, profoundly energetic, and deeply spiritual one. Learn how world-renowned psychoanalyst (Jung) and medical intuitive (Myss) come together to create a road map for your life’s purpose. What does your life look like when you know the “why” behind your patterns, changes, and crisis. How do we show up better for ourselves and our community when we are living in accordance with our soul contracts?

Archetype Alchemy - $350

What you get: Preliminary 20 min call

1 hour coaching call to determine your archetypes

1.5 hour ceremony to chart and interpret your archetypal wheel

Optional 30 minute follow up for any questions or realizations