Fall in love …

with yourself,

with your truth,

with your life.

Radical self love and acceptance is the gateway to happiness, community, partnership, and the life of your dreams. When we love ourselves from a place of compassion, we love others more honestly, with more awareness than we ever thought possible. Love is a limitless emotion, and when it is channeled from our deepest truth, it is the antidote to fear, pain, and sadness.

Think about it-

When you don’t fully embrace yourself with divine respect and true honoring, it is impossible to make choices for your highest good. Lack of confidence and self worth is the reason we stay in bad relationships, break our diets, go on diets in the first place, drink too much, beat ourselves up, and ultimately make ourselves feel horrible and then treat others horribly because of our own bad moods. However, when you choose love, you choose the right path for yourself and deliver that choice compassionately. You chose foods that nourish you, people that uplift you, hobbies that fulfill you, and uplevel humanity with your vibrant newfound awareness.


My name is Cara, and as a sex, love and relationship coach, it is my job to re-introduce you to yourself. The you that laughs fully, surrenders joyfully, and loves completely without old wounds and insecurities getting in the way. I’m not talking about the kind of self-love that translates to self aggrandizement. (I would also argue that that, my friend, is not love at all.)

True self love requires vulnerability, self awareness, acceptance, and patience to truly examine your unique life lessons and make constant and deliberate choices for your highest good BECAUSE you love yourself. When you live from that place, you are completely unstoppable.

In order to teach that, I too had to learn the art of self love and then to hold that space in integrity by loving you, divine, whole and perfect as you are while seeing your limitless potential. Like many women, I spent my teens and early twenties riddled with self-doubt, silencing my social anxiety with alcohol.

After a string of truly bad relationships, I decided to teach myself to learn to like being alone. That didn’t mean swearing off sex or partnership, it just meant changing my language to myself and freeing myself from the societal implications that made me worry that “single” was a synonym for “not whole.”

Self-love is not an easy journey. We are bombarded with advertisements, cultural messages, family pressure, and self doubt from years of indoctrinated shame that instill the belief that we must be doing this whole life thing wrong if we are alone or unhappy in our relationship.

I’m here to tell you that the key to happiness is locked inside of you; and with my help we will access it, releasing you from any shadow of a doubt that you are anything but exactly as you should be. On the other side of that unlocked door is a world of possibility: an incredible sex life, a compassionate partnership, deeper more meaningful relationships with yourself, your friends and family, and your community, the job of your dreams, and so much more!

Thank you for trusting me, stay a while, explore, and subscribe to my newsletter for sexy tips and tricks that will help you to remember just how wonderful you truly are. I love you.

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