Best selling author of “Permission To Leap”

-Bri Seeley

Azure W. , Archetype Client

Sarah V., Coaching Client

I am extremely grateful to you as my guide in this work. The questions you asked me to consider provided a foundation for me to look at beliefs that I held my entire life. The questions and your gentle presence provided a safe space for me to look at these beliefs without judgement, anger, or further trauma. I could examine them like a collection of stones and shells from the beach and decide what to keep and what to let go. In this gentle way, I let go of so many beliefs I did not need. Beliefs about sex, sexuality, femininity, and my body that I absorbed from my culture and the world around me that harmed my self-worth. You provided a bridge to get me across from the stuck place I hadn’t realized I was into a place where I can breathe easier. I believe this is vital work that I needed now in order to move forward and upwards to the next levels of my empowerment. I wish this work were not necessary. That our culture was not so harmful to women and women’s sexuality. But it is and we are lucky to have Cara doing the work she does to undo this harm.

Sara D., Archetype Client

Going through the Archetype process with Cara was a gift. I am not normally one to participate in readings and had not heard of the Archetypes until having the conversation with Cara. I was feeling a bit lost and had questions that I knew only I could truly answer, and the Archetype process helped me with the tools to do just that. Learning your archetypes helps you recognize yourself in an unbiased and honest way. It strips back the noise and allows you to look at the raw elements of your personality and leads you to appreciate the light and dark parts of what make you you. My interactions with others and well as how I internally interact with myself have completely changed. I see myself and know my flaws in a much more powerful way. I also now know what I need for me to feel happy and can better analyze situations in which I feel angry or sad. Cara told me the day I did this would feel like a "second birthday" and I absolutely agree. The insights that you receive are so in-depth that you cannot deny it is something celestial providing you guidance. Cara's ability to calm you down and walk you through this path, it nothing short of a calling for her, she was able to make a believer out of me and I could not recommend this experience more. It is something I will take with me on every journey I embark on in my life. Thank you Cara from the bottom of my heart! 

Karina P. & Joey D., Couple's Coaching Clients

I’ve been to Cara’s moon circles and have had my cards read and every time I leave in amazement of how accurate and in joy I feel. My partner/twin flame and I recently had a tantra session with Cara. At first I was a bit nervous but she made us feel very comfortable. We started with a quick coaching session and went into a meditation that set up a beautiful space for a breathing/eye gazing with my partner and I. I felt this the unconditional love for myself and him expand even more and I felt completely safe. Cara has a way of creating space for love and understanding. I am very grateful for the experience and the tools she provided to continue this beautiful healing. 

Christine A., Event Coordinator (multiple partnerships)

What's most refreshing about Cara's teaching style is that she not only knows what she's talking about, but brings levity to the seriousness of the healing process. She really gets people to loosen up, and feel safe enough to share or ask questions. Her Knowledge in multiple areas such as Archetype Alchemy, Tantra, and breathwork(to name a few), creates a full, well rounded experience no matter what topic is being discussed. She's absolutely charming!

Heather W., Archetypes

Cara facilitated a session with my brother and I a couple of weeks ago to cast our archetypes and it was pure fire! Truly one of the most eye-opening experiences of self-inquiry + discovery I’ve had in a WHILE. I absolutely loved the process - from the reflective prep-work to the actual session. As someone with a range shamanic training, years of spiritual workshops, and explorations of self-inquiry systems from astrology + numerology to the enneagram and beyond — I can absolutely say that Cara delivered a bold + stunning new tool for self-knowledge that opened doorways of transformation that are already impacting how I move thru the world and interact with others.

Citlalli V., Coaching & Card Reading Client

I've done readings with Cara. I cannot say enough how those readings have helped me. Cara is not telling you your future or making stuff up. She speaks from her heart and helps you find the answers you already know within yourself. I have huge respect for her and I am grateful we have crossed paths. I also did my archetype wheel with her. That is a whole other set of information that I am still processing and understanding, and Cara has always been available and supporting in the process.

I also participated in her moon circles and I make it a monthly activity. They are magical.